Alicia Keys Gives DJ Khaled’s Son A MAJOR gift

Usually when a baby is born, friends and family alike bring gifts like clothes or toys. However, what if the baby is the son or daughter of a mega super star? Well loved ones might have to come a little harder than that. Recently Alicia Keys wanted to show her appreciation to DJ Khaled for being an advisor on the Voice for her team. She sent his son Asahd a custom piano. To show how thankful he was, DJ Khaled made a post on his Instagram about the give stating:

“Wow !! Me my son @asahdkhaled and my queen want to thank @aliciakeys @therealswizzz for this amazing gift for my son,” the Snapchat gawd captioned the video. “Wow !! Wait till u see part 2 aka my next post ! My son has a piano signed by @aliciakeys and wit some major 🔑s written on the piano !! Wow!! Tears of joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KHALED FAMLIY WE ARE SO #GRATEFUL !! My son has the 🔑s and now he has the 🔑s from @aliciakeys !!! God is the greatest !!”

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