KeKe Palmer Presents “That’s The Gag”

Too often the world only sees what the media portrays as the real Hollywood. As the saying goes, “It’s where stars are born right, or at least where they flourish, right?”

Keke Palmer and her mother have decided to do a series of comedy skits packed with a lot of exaggerated myths about the entertainment industry. The mini series called, “That’s The Gag” follows Palmer as she navigates her way through Hollywood.

Palmer made her mark in our hearts with her leading role in Akeela and the Bee. Following that star stunning performance, she landed a role as the vice president of a fashion company in Nickelodeon’s True Jackson, VP. Recently she’s played as a young girl living in urban Philadelphia on the movie Brotherly Love, and a college student in the hit series Scream Queens.

To watch “That’s The Gag Click this link


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