Orlando Brown Interview

There are not many child stars that can stay relevant  in the media or even continue to gain jobs within Holly Wood. However, there are some stars who have all of the right qualities to continue their success. Orlando Brown has all of the right qualities. From the age of 5 he has managed to not have a role as an extra in his acting career. Now 29, he continues to act but has added a lot more to his resume. Brown is now directing. He’s directed  music videos like To God I pray to movies like Christmas In Compton and We Are The Party. If that’s not enough Brown is the CEO of his brand new label called Young Star Entertainment. As he continues to devote his life to God Brown says he continues to gain longevity with everything he does  to stay successful. Brown has dropped his album “F*** MY FAME” and released his new single Made Of. Lets keep watching what this pioneer in the game will do next.

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